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I’m talking about privacy, so before proceeding I’d like to say I am not a privacy expert, and what is in this is not privacy advice.

Google and Privacy

Now with that out the way, have you heard about Google Analytics’ recent court case?

Google Analytics has been the go-to analytics tool over recent years, because it’s free, and the market leader. But, if something is free, then it means the data is their income. But, this isn’t what the court case was for.
A couple weeks ago, an Austrian court decided the use of google analytics is illegal, as they do not sufficiently protect the privacy rights of European individuals. When Google Analytics is installed on a website, they first send data to their servers in America, including the IP address of users. 

What We’re Doing About It

But, fear not! Look After My WP is wanting to stay as a privacy-minded website maintenance service, so to ensure compliance, we’re adding Fathom Analytics to our care plans, at no additional cost!* 

Fathom Analytics is a privacy-first analytics tool, which provides aggregated usage tracking, via EU servers. What this means is no data is sent to the US, allowing Fathom to be compliant with GDPR.

´╗┐*We’re providing each website care plan with 1 site license, up to 5,000 monthly tracked visits. If you go over this we can have a discussion about upgrading your allotted amount.

Customers can get in touch via our support email address, or you can read our dedicated help page 

We’re going to make the change to LAMWP managed sites between 28th February and 4th March 2022. Site will not experience any downtime during this time. 

Affiliate Notice

We are not affiliated in any way with Fathom, we just love their product!

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