Search Engine Ongoing Support

Search Engine Optimisation

Let us support your website growth with ongoing SEO Support.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of improving your website’s rankings in Google, and other search engines.

With 3 tracks to choose from, we can focus on where your site needs the most help.

Blog Track

We will research and write 2 blogs per month, being around 800 words in length and include 1 royalty free image to post with it.


Link Track

We will reach out to 50 unique websites, to pitch and secure links. We will also uncover additional opportunities for links and promotion, such as guest posts.


On-page Track

We will provide a technical audit to identify the highest priority fixes, and implement 5 hours of fixes needed on your website to help you rank better.



Regardless of track, the first thing we do is go through our onboarding process where our team will audit, upgrade and further optimize your site. During this 14-day process, we will also perform and deliver an in-depth keyword analysis to determine the proper keywords and topics to focus upcoming content efforts on. 

Blog Track

Once the blog track work officially begins, we will present you with a topic planner to present our initial topic suggestions and the keywords that will be focused on. You can then choose and select the topics for our writers to focus on.

They’ll then get to work and get them in your hands as quickly as possible. With each article, we’ll also provide a royalty-free stock image and a suggested meta description.

Our writers are extremely talented and knowledgeable (that’s why we hired them!) about many topics and industries, however we do not advertise ourselves as subject matter experts.

Our writers have specific experience in the legal industry, medical field, etc. so naturally, they take on topics in areas they are well-suited for. We’ve written content for a wide array of industries, but sometimes this may require additional information or sources from you or your client to fully best-equipped to prepare a quality article for your site.

No problem. Our membership auto-renews every month so if you fall behind in approving topics or completed articles, that just means you’ll have more in the queue when you get to them. Our writers begin work on each article in the order they’re approved though, so we suggest reviewing and approving your topics and drafts as quickly as possible.

We strive for your, and your client’s, satisfaction! All articles are twice-reviewed internally before being submitted for your review, so please let us know if you have any issues or concerns with the quality. We work hard to produce quality, informative and keyword optimized articles that both read well by actual site visitors and improve search rankings. Yes, both are (usually) possible! If you or your client aren’t happy with an article received, let us know and we can edit, re-write, or tackle a different topic entirely.